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As with a lot of products on the market, there are affiliate programs which give a commission to those people who get them sales from their traffic – it is how a lot of companies survive.

Provillus has such a program.

All it means is that if you click a link on my website & then go onto buy the product I qualify for a small commission – that’s it.

The product doesn’t cost you anymore – if anything, you may get it for less!

The various websites I have do cost both money & time and these commissions do help.

In all cases I try & give honest and genuine information that I have researched – my intention is to be unbiased  – I just give the facts as I see them & let you decide.

If you think my website has helped you & you decide to buy the product then it would be greatly appreciated if you used one of my links/banners on the site to do so.

That is all, I have always thought that ‘Honesty is the best policy’ & you should know.

Thanks !!


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