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Provillus Review – Are you looking for real ones?

*** 28 June 2017 *** – The trick below is not currently working (for me anyway) – it maybe because I am an existing customer!? I shall leave all the info below just in case that it works for you – worth a try!!


Update: 22nd January 2017  I have discovered how to get the best deal in terms of cost/offers (it is usually free shipping) – Click this link which I call my Provillus ‘Best Offer’ Trick & you are taken to the Official Provillus website – click on  Man or Woman depending what you’re after & then:

* Desktop – REFRESH the page (it was closing the page down but that no longer works!) – you then get a pop-up offering you whatever the latest offer is – it is usually ‘Free Shipping’ but they change it every now & again.
* Phone/Mobile & Tablet – REFRESH the Page (i.e. swipe down) – you then get a pop-up offering you whatever the latest offer is.

I have recorded the video below that shows you exactly how to do it…..


Link ToOfficial Provillus Website & The*NEW* Formula



Previous Updates: – Nov 15 – There is a *NEW Formula* available – This makes finding a useful Provillus Review almost impossible as the new formula seems to be significantly better!. I will be adding new reviews below as I collect them. The ‘Old’ reviews will be put into a separate post.


When it comes to doing research, there really is nothing like the internet & Google especially; and if you are like me, whenever I want to buy something (phone, ipad, TV, supplement etc) I now always type the name of the product followed by ‘Review’, just see what people are saying.

The same thing goes for holidays & hotels – we always look at TripAdvisor. It’s now just standard procedure!

Due to my dealings in the world of health, a friend recently asked if I had come across Provillus? It was a product/system to help prevent hair loss and/or help re-growth which he was thinking of buying, so was tasked with answering a few questions including does Provillus work, costs, discounts available and where to buy Provillus.

I had not.

He said that he had been looking online but any Provillus review he found seemed to be by the manufacturer or just made up.

I know exactly what he means I’m afraid, so I said I would have a proper look on the net to try and find real people’s real experiences with Provillus (& hair loss) to see if it really was a genuine answer to balding or hair thinning problems.

I would report them whether they were good reviews, bad reviews….or even indifferent.

I always knew that balding etc was a big issue for some people; it never has been for me (touch wood), but 2 of my closest friends suffered greatly with anxiety in their late teens & their early 20’s… I thought that this information might be useful for others – so I set about this website you are now looking at.

So allow me to go through the basics for you & then report what I found whilst researching for ‘Real Provillus Reviews’ – I imagine you can guess where I got the website title from!!

Provillus Review – My Findings

What is Provillus?

So, if you order Provillus, what actually is it? What do you get? (I know this, as my friend went on to order it & showed me).

Both of the components can be bought separately but it is advised when starting out that the ‘full kit’ is purchased for maximum results.

You get 2 things:

1 – A Topical Solution that you apply to your scalp

2 – A specially formulated Vitamin Supplement


What is the Active Ingredient in Provillus?

Like a lot of the ‘hair loss solutions’, it contains the FDA approved Minoxidil. This is clinically proven to promote hair re-growth.

The science bit – “Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication. It also slows or stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth”

The vitamin supplement contains herbs & minerals that are ‘tuned into’ giving your hair follicles the nutrition they need to help promote hair growth (I am in the process of trying to find exactly what they are – I will post here when I find out).


Does Provillus Work/Available for both Men & Women?

In a word  – YES.

BUT…..there are 2 separate versions – Provillus for Men & Provillus for Women – they ARE gender specific & cannot be interchanged between sexes. It is all to so with the % of Minoxidil in the Topical solution.

I intend to do a separate post/article specifically on hair loss/thinning in women so watch this space.


Things to Consider when using a Hair Treatment like Provillus

Having read all the reviews whilst doing this research, I think I need to make some things clear that some people suggested, commented on or just didn’t realize:

1 – “Don’t Wait!”

This was very clear. If you notice signs of hair loss/thinning, take action immediately! There is no point in waiting until the loss is noticeable….this is due to, & leads to point #2.

2 – “Nothing happens overnight !! – This takes time”

This isn’t a magic potion; the process take time – 1 month is the quoted timescale where results are supposed to show…BUT it can take up to a year for some people & their hair. Each case is different.

 3 – “Keep up the fight”

You can’t stop, you have to keep persevering with it – this is almost a lifestyle choice. You are likely to have to use it for as long as you want your hair to keep growing/stop thinning.

Make sure you apply it daily & keep taking the vitamin supplement….you may not notice anything for a month or more – just keep referring to point 2 – This all takes time!

4 – “Results are NOT Guaranteed”

Minoxidil has shown to work in a lot of cases; but it’s not universal in its results, therefore the same goes for Provillus. Maybe set yourself a target, use it for at least 6 months & then evaluate. There is no point in quitting too early & likewise there is no point continually using if you aren’t getting the results.

5 – “If it doesn’t work for You – Get Your Money Back”

If it works then great, I am sure it will be worth every penny/cent……if not, get your money back. Provillus offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if you buy it direct from their site – Official Provillus Site.

All the links on my website will take you straight to the official site anyway.

My friend tells me that Provillus is pretty good value for money when compared to the other alternatives out there.

That is good to know, but I feel sure you will (& should) do your own research – below I have outlined the costs involved as far as I see them – I didn’t find any ‘Money Off’ vouchers/coupons or bonuses for Provillus, during my research.

The manufacturers operate what I think is a fair system – “The More You Buy – The More You Save”. I did, however, work out how to get free delivery!! – that is outlined in the cost section.


On with the Provillus Review…..

As I updated above – this section has changed entirely. This was full of reviews…..but then Provillus revamped their package and the formula, and thus, made this section, as it was, useless.

The Reason – looking at the ‘new’ reviews (of which there aren’t many at present) – the *NEW Formula* seems to work much better (it remains to be seen over time if this is true).

So given that, I have removed the old reviews (to a different post) & the following are the new ones that I have managed to locate so far:

Male Review – 14 Sept 2014:
“Great item. It works for me. My hair growth was fast. I recommend this product. No side effects. If you use it with the pills that come from the same company it will work.

Male Review – 29 Oct 2014:
“It is too good & I have to order another soon as I am expecting to start to run low on the spray!”

Male Review – 13 Nov 2014:
“Product had no effect over a 30 day trial period. No new growth was seen. Hair loss rate remained consistent pre and post utilization.”  NB: As outlined above – 30 days just is not enough – there are no ‘magic wands’ for this condition.

Male Review – 11 Nov 2014:
“Worked great and the result is fabulous, this is something I must share with those that I think may benefit.”

That is it so far I’m afraid – I will be adding more as I find them but the whole process of buying the product, using it for a decent amount of time & then actually bothering to leave a review (less than 10% of people do) takes a long time.


What does Provillus Cost?

Now we are at the ‘Business End’…What is the cost!?

It strikes me as a product that people would be prepared to spend a lot more on than they do if they knew it would work! Having no guarantee’s that it will work for them, it therefore, sets a limit, as to the amount of money people are prepared to risk, trying it.

Like I have said before, my friend said Provillus was very reasonable compared to a lot of the other alternatives (especially, he said, when you are just buying ‘re-branded Minoxidil’ !).

There are the costs:

1 Months Supply – $40

2 Months Supply – $70

4 Months Supply (3+1 Free) – $120

6 Months Supply (4+2 Free) – $161

From what I can tell, it is available in most Countries but you will need to check yourself…the easiest way is to go to their website – The Official Provillus Website, choose ‘Male or Female’ & then look at the Country drop down box.

*FREE Shipping Trick* – I know this works in the USA, again I can’t comment anywhere else. Go to the above link & click on either the Male or Female site. Wait until the rather annoying video starts to play & then close down the page – Another Page appears (what we call a ‘Pop Up’ – Offering Free Delivery!


Provillus Review:


It is hard to give a firm decision either way as the *NEW Formula* Provillus has only been on the market a short time. The few reviews that are available, seem to be much more positive than those of the ‘old’ product.

It is compounded further, as I have said above, by the fact that really we can only look at reviews where people have been using the product for a minimum of 3 months & the new formula has only been on the market for just over that.

The cost of the product seems very reasonable compared to a lot of others in this very competitive market – ironic really, as all these products have the same amount of the important active ingredient.

There 1 main thing that I would like to highlight in conclusion to this article:

Female Hair Loss Provillus Reviews

  • Get the latest Provillus product direct from the makers of Provillus. Having seen the differences thus far in Hair Loss Provillus Menreviews of the old product versus the new one… want the new one!     I stress this, as this will be your only guarantee of getting the *NEW Formula* – buying via Amazon or eBay will be a lottery – you might be lucky….or you might end up with old stock! – so why would you take the risk !? Plus you will get the full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if you buy direct.

Anyway, these are my findings so far….I intend to update this site with more reviews, information & articles as I find them.

Thanks for reading!


Provillus - * New Formula *


Update – 22nd August 16Remember the Provillus ‘Best Offer’ Trick as outlined above !!! I have added it to the ‘I Want This’ Dropdown also. 


Provillus – Do Money Off Vouchers, Coupons or Promo’s Exist?

money off PROVILLUS

Most shopping experiences, especially online, now comprise of finding what we want….

..then we look at how cheap we can get it via an offer code or voucher (or is it just me? Nope!)

– we have become a Money Off/Coupon Society!


So given that I purchased Provillus; for my own peace of mind & for you reading this – I wanted to see if there really was any genuine Provillus Coupon codes or Provillus Bonus codes available?

Whenever I purchase anything over $45 or more – I will often have a Google search for some sort of money off code or bonus code – what this tends to uncover is a page full of Voucher sites that ‘tease’ you with a discount, something like 20% off or free P&P etc…..BUT

…..& there is always a BUT – you have to sign up to their subscriber list to get the code!! – & 98% of the time, the code then rarely exists, works or it is just out of date and you still get bombarded by the voucher company as well as them selling on your emails address to others!

Well, all this got me thinking about Provillus Coupon codes or Provillus Bonus offers or indeed Provillus Vouchers !!

I was 95% sure I already knew the answer to my question (as I remember looked before I initially bought it myself) but I did some more research & looked at all the various websites/YouTube video’s that claim to be offering a Provillus Bonus – or Provillus Money Off code – & guess what !?



I was quite glad if I am honest. There is nothing worse than buying something & then find out soon after that there is a money off code floating around on the internet!!

The Co. that makes Provillus work on the principle that the:

Provillus – The More You Buy –
– The More You Save –
– That is it!!! –


So anywhere you see anything saying that there are various discounts available are basically lying to your face!

This sort of thing REALLY bug’s me & is why I have added this page to my website review.

My main review page you can see all the prices & the discount available & here they are again:

1 Month Supply – $40

2 Month’s Supply – $70

4 Month’s Supply (3 + 1 Free) – $120 34% Saving

6 Month’s Supply (4 + 2 Free) – $161 50% Saving

So as you can see – yes discounts for Provillus are available – BUT they are available from the company as a reward for buying more!! – nothing else – nothing to do with anyone having a secret stash or a money off code !!!

In fairness the discounts I feel are pretty good, my guess, if you are like me, that most people will go for the 3 months supply (1 month just doesn’t seem enough) if takes time to work & if you think it is working you don’t want to have to order & wait about for it!! (not that it takes long to ship).


So, as suspected:

There is no such thing as a Provillus money off code/voucher/promo/bonus

There is no such thing as a Provillus Coupon Code
There is no such thing as Promo Code for Provillus
There is no such thing as a Provillus Voucher
There is no such thing as a Provillus Bonus Code
There is no such thing as Provillus Offer Codes

There is, however, a way to get a Provillus Discount & that is by going directly to their website & buying more!

Simple & I feel fair.

Click Here To Buy More & Save – Provillus Official Website



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